My Story

My story is simple. I love to write. So I am an inspirational writer who much like the athlete, the concert pianist, the master painter has this inexplicable need to reach and move an audience. I am about uplifting. And I’ve been at it a long time.

I’m always amused when people ask about my work: “What are these? Can I wear those little pieces on the card?”

My work is difficult to categorize but I can tell you they are not greeting cards by any stretch. They are sentiments and quotes accented with metal elements. I call them wordgifts and “no” one can not wear “those little pieces on the card.”

The charm of these wordgifts is that they’re befitting for many types of events and relationships. I don’t use words such as “happy birthday” or “congratulations” or “wish you were here” for the obvious. They are ordinary, banal,  predictable. It’s gift-giving time… who wants predictable?  My focus is to wake people up with truth and candor…can’t do it with cliches.

I write to  celebrate but I also write to console. There are sentiments to rekindle and words to close the door…for good. There are thought pieces that prompt us to reflect on how  we live our lives – pointed, powerful and humorous whenever possible. I like the idea of incorporating thought pieces with various elements and textures. Hence I paint on brass, copper, wood and other metals to lure the eye and then, hopefully, to capture the mind.  Motivation minus the sermon – laughter whenever possible, pretty much sums me up. Over the years I’ve collected, re-written and composed hundreds of affirmations that cover the gamut.  I have found my passion.

                Here’s to Hurdlecards – words, thoughts, gifts for a richer life.



3 thoughts on “My Story

  1. Dear Sondra, I met you a couple weeks ago at the Strawberry Festival in Sandy Spring and I was so inspired by your work that I purchased a framed card as a gift to myself as I was going to be Baptized the next day in which I was. I placed your framed Art on my cake table and my friend was so touched by it that she said she has to have one! I am searching your website for just the right message for my friend. I’m positive that I will find it here. Thanks and many blessings, BTW, the message I purchased said, “I did not change, I just found myself”. Suggestion, maybe you could make one that says, “I did not change, I just found Jesus”.


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