My Story

My story is simple. I love to write. So I am an inspirational woman who much like the athlete, the concert pianist, the master painter has this inexplicable need to reach and move an audience. I am about uplifting. And I’ve been at it a long time. There’s just so much of life to ponder…to write about. As a little of life leaves us each day, I am hopeful that we realize the importance of reflection and yes, grace.

My work is difficult to categorize but I can tell you they are not greeting cards. Greeting cards are short-lived… predictable. Who wants predictable?

I write to  celebrate but I also write to console. There are sentiments to open doors and words to close them as well. I offer thought pieces prompting reflection on how we live – pointed, powerful and-whenever possible, humorous. I like incorporating thought pieces with various elements and textures. Hence I paint on brass, copper, wood and other metals to lure the eye and capture the mind. Motivation minus the sermon – laughter whenever possible, pretty much sums me up. Over the years I’ve collected, re-written and composed hundreds of affirmations that cover the gamut.  I have found my passion.

                Here’s to Hurdlecards – words, thoughts, gifts for a richer life.

Sondra Jordan

4 thoughts on “My Story

  1. Dear Sondra, I met you a couple weeks ago at the Strawberry Festival in Sandy Spring and I was so inspired by your work that I purchased a framed card as a gift to myself as I was going to be Baptized the next day in which I was. I placed your framed Art on my cake table and my friend was so touched by it that she said she has to have one! I am searching your website for just the right message for my friend. I’m positive that I will find it here. Thanks and many blessings, BTW, the message I purchased said, “I did not change, I just found myself”. Suggestion, maybe you could make one that says, “I did not change, I just found Jesus”.

  2. Sure Karen,
    I can change it for you. Please call and leave your CBR


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