The Gift

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Dear Readers,

Often when I exhibit or sell at events, many pass my booth with a curious look that begs the question: “What does she do and what is she selling”? Admittedly, it’s not apparent for several reasons, the first being I like an exhibit with ambiance. I don’t want to “slap” a bunch of products on the table that say: “here it is folks…good prices…wanna’ try it.” Not my style and not my product line. So there are creative props on the table such as twigs from my garden or silk remnants from unfinished projects.

One woman stopped by and asked how she should wear the medallion if she made a purchase. “What medallion,” I asked. She held up one of my wordgifts with an attractive brass element attached and shouted, “This one.”

I politely informed her that it wasn’t a medallion and it wasn’t something to wear. “Well what the hell do you do with it.” I told her my products were “thought” pieces for all stages of relationships and life events. She shook her head, a bit dismayed and moved on.

Hurdlecards are gifts…aesthetically appealing but created primarily for the soul. My focus is to offer something sustaining…nothing wrong with jewelry and other nice tangibles but it’s not what I do.

This month I’ll be at Linganore in Mt Airy Md with lots of sentiments to ponder. Some will spark chuckles…others memories and even a few tears. I will have wordgifts galore.

Please stop by.