Mothers and more

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It’s  May and thoughts of mothers are front and center. I’ve written a few sentiments about mother-son, mother-daughter relationships. Some of it stemming from my own family life – two brothers and a sister – and other sentiments come from folks who have shared their personal history.

The thing I’ve learned – and quite late in life – is that all mothers aren’t great. Some aren’t even decent. Many don’t know the first thing about raising a child. Whether adopted or biological there are some sad sagas that have devastated the childhood of many men and women who’ve passed that devastation on to their children. A perplexing circle abounds

But there’s good news. I have met women who have embraced the gift of parenting though they themselves have not adopted or had children. They’ve seen boys and girls in need. They’ve witnessed young minds starving for guidance and structure. They know the tragedy of letting little ones raise themselves unsure about their purpose. They are mothers and more.

As this Mother’s Day approaches I celebrate these women. I’ve met a few who’ve shared their plight and their joy. They tell me about the challenges of raising children whose beginnings were filled with rejection and darkness. These women have turned lives around and  convinced the unwanted that they are, indeed, wanted and worthy.

Motherhood is a journey. You head down the road with child in hand and challenges await. No promises of a happy tomorrow. But the fact that these women still accept, still welcome the responsibility. Kudos to them all.