Your Minutes


Been thinking long and hard about life lately. You tend to do that more often after losing a loved one or watching disease uproot a lifestyle or just thinking back on your own history.

These days I think about life in terms of  “minutes”. I’ve witnessed pain, sadness and loss more often in the last few years than I can ever remember. I overhear people whining and complaining about trivial matters not realizing some folks are taking their last breath and would gladly trade places. I see young people with their ear glued to their devices, unfocused and unconcerned about their future. They laugh and shrug when I tell them about priorities, making better choices and yes “their minutes.”

When will we open our window and see that this wonderful gift of life is here now, at this very moment. But it is also passing. We have opportunity and talent and family and friends. We have passion and will. And we have minutes. I hope we use them wisely.