Quiet Rewards



So lately  I’m becoming more involved with charitable organizations. Perhaps because I’m what my friends call in “The Third Stage.” In other words, I’ve been around a long time. And when you’ve been given the precious gift of a good, healthy life, one reflects – or one should –  on those who struggle to have one.

My heart goes out to any group, organization or person supporting the disease of dementia. On all fronts it requires continued research, patience and support. From caregivers to those who help to raise funds, it is a cause well worth backing.

The Alzheimer Association’s Maryland chapter’s Memory Ball is in Baltimore in April. I’m going to spend an evening meeting people involved in this battle. I want, above all, to listen to their stories, smile with them and celebrate their journey. I want to get involved and pay back in some small private way. Perhaps you’ll feel the same and join me.