Just The Right Words


jansayin2When someone is in pain or trying to get their life back together after loss, rejection or deception, what exactly do you say? What can you do to ease the hurt and somehow let them know you understand or better still that you’re with them, no matter. Sometimes silence is the answer. Sometimes it’s expressing as few words as possible. Hurdlecards offer a variety of sentiments that cover all kinds of situations.

It’s such a delicate matter trying to bring comfort to those who grieve. You want to find those special words to help friends in pain. The words in greeting cards are predictable and are filled with everyday language. That’s why the cards have such a short shelf life. Hurdlecards avoids ho-hum language.

More often than not the fewer the words, the better, especially when it involves hurt, sorrow, frustration and loss. One sentiment I’ve written – The Voice – is popular and given to many family and friends. That sentiment makes no mention of  the words grief or sorrow. It gives just the right words.

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