Endings and Beginnings


This is the time of year, more than any, that makes me sad but at the same time joyful. Family, friends, neighbors, students are moving on. They are graduating, heading off to college, the armed services, a new job, a new town. They are leaving one stage of life for another. Then there are the weddings…sons and daughters are beginning a new life and ending old ones. Second and third marriages are in the air with couples giving it another try with other partners…leaving those old, sometimes painful, relationships behind. Sadness for what was…happiness for what will be. May, June, July seem to be months of transition…people finding newness in relationships, jobs and yes, themselves.

They are the months of relaxation but also preparation for things to come. I am sad for loved ones who will move away but happy for their chance to make new friendships. I am sad for students I grew close to but who will soon leave for colleges far away. Yet my spirit is filled with pride knowing that they are making better lives for themselves.

Endings and beginnings…a part of daily living.

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